donderdag 5 maart 2015


Gearing up for the next gigs with Cop On Fire. Motoroil and subbass flowing:
14 march: BXL, Leskiv -57 rue Grouselenberg Uccle. Flyer abov - exactly the kind of event we like playing!
19 march: Innocent, Hengelo, with Death Church - NL
20 march: GER- Die Friese, Bremen, with Death Church and Placebotox
21 march: GER - Hamburg, with Death Church + 1 (contact us for more info)
22 may: Metz - TBC
23 may: FRA - Dijon opening of the new "Tanneries" autonomous space!
14 aug: FRA - Kanivo Chaos festival

We have also done some demorecordings for a new album, and 2 definitive tracks for our 4-way split LP with Braindead, Autonomads and Spanner (BSDC had to pull out as the band took an indefinitive break). These are still in the mix. More on this soon, but as it goes: the more bands, the more chaos. We do plan to have this one out in 2015 and have enough tracks to record a full album by the end of 2015. 


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