donderdag 16 juni 2016

2016 update

hey all, here is a list of our upcoming gigs, quite a few waiting confirmation, but until half september, this list is probably complete. Meanwhile we're working on recording and mixing a full LP that should be out early autumn 2016. It's been ages since we've been to Switzerland (2008?), so greatly looking forward to that! But first: get your asses to one of the rare lasting free zones left in Western Europe, the mighty ADM!

18 JUNI ADM, Amsterdam, met Autonomads & Vokeu - (NL)
2 JULY Mest Fest Rillaar,
12 AUG Neuchatel - TBC (SUISSE)
13 AUG Vevey (SUISSE)
14 AUG Zurich - TBC (SCHWEIZ)
2 SEPT Punk's shadow fest Normandie (FR)
3 SEPT Cactus Bar, Le Quesnoy, avec Toxkapp (FR)
30 SEPT De Vinger - Den Haag (NL)

zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

November 2015: All 3 gigs are squatgigs. Hooray! Mostly we found socially motivated squats to be the best places to play, and autonomous spaces are getting few and far between... True, it's only 3 gigs, but this band has too many agendas. The fire is well lit for these:

6 NOV: NANCY (FR) 103 squat, rue de la liberation 103
7 NOV: DIJON (FR), Les Tanneries, avec SCUM OF TOYTOWN
21 NOV: BXL - Bokal Royal, Rue Royale 123, BXL

zondag 5 juli 2015

Concert in Gent this Friday

FRI 10 JULY 2015
This gig came in quite late, but well worth it, another celebration of the squatted camping site in Gent. Unfortunately, this may be the last one.
Next gig after that: 14 AUGUST Montreal FRA -Kanivo Chaos Fest- if the Front National allows us...

donderdag 5 maart 2015


Gearing up for the next gigs with Cop On Fire. Motoroil and subbass flowing:
14 march: BXL, Leskiv -57 rue Grouselenberg Uccle. Flyer abov - exactly the kind of event we like playing!
19 march: Innocent, Hengelo, with Death Church - NL
20 march: GER- Die Friese, Bremen, with Death Church and Placebotox
21 march: GER - Hamburg, with Death Church + 1 (contact us for more info)
22 may: Metz - TBC
23 may: FRA - Dijon opening of the new "Tanneries" autonomous space!
14 aug: FRA - Kanivo Chaos festival

We have also done some demorecordings for a new album, and 2 definitive tracks for our 4-way split LP with Braindead, Autonomads and Spanner (BSDC had to pull out as the band took an indefinitive break). These are still in the mix. More on this soon, but as it goes: the more bands, the more chaos. We do plan to have this one out in 2015 and have enough tracks to record a full album by the end of 2015. 


zaterdag 9 februari 2013

APRIL 2014 - update

A very brief overview of this year's plans:

APRIL 25, Brussels at "Porte De Ninove" tram stop. Squat called "La Parfumerie"
Starts 19h. Benefit gig for Getting The Voice Out -
with Barbazmari (Ethiopian Jazz), Molo Sayat (Folk Apatride), DJ No Border. We play at 22h. Also People's Kitchen. Entrance= Prix libre
JULY 26, Kampenhout - garden festival TBC
SEPT 5-6-7, minitour UK. Dirty Weekend Festival + 2 TBC
AUTUMN 2014 minitour  Groningen, Bremen, Hamburg
More TBC

In the summer we'll be sweating on a 4-way split 12" record with our friends from Braindead, Autonomads & Black Star Dub Collective. News will be posted when it's there. This one will include 2 unreleased songs with the new line-up, and should be out by autumn.

We are working on more new songs, but will not get to record these before 2015.

The distro has been stocking up on some new and recommended activist books, like Deep Green Resistance (the book, not the policies!)  and Bumping Back, so have a peek when you catch us.

woensdag 16 november 2011

UK RIOTS Benefit ep out now

NOV 2, 2011: We just have a track out on a CD-ep to benefit friends in trouble with the law after the UK riots of 2011, where obviously a large part was politically inspired and not about shoes as the media liked to put it. It's available from us for 2pleuros, and also has 2 unreleased tracks by The Autonomads and Black Star Dub Collective. Order through mail or find it at gigs.

woensdag 17 augustus 2011


We try and distribute the virus through our table at gigs. We try and make available some good books on topics that concern us, hard to find music from the diy-circuit, the inevitable bit of merch... You are off course welcome to come over have a chat on whatever it is you want to chat about. Samples here in the near future...

From Dusk Till Dawn, by Keith MannVery comprehensive book if you're interested in animal rights and more

More then just another vegan cookbook!!